Where is your little piece of heaven? Where do your dream of taking your wedding vows and having your first dance? Is this place the most picturesque location or is it where you share fond memories of growing up?

We have designed very beautiful, romantic weddings on private islands, along lakeshores, overlooking coastal settings, within historic walled gardens and at our clients’ private homes. The most wonderful thing about creating a marquee wedding is you can choose your favourite setting and build your dream venue, allowing your styles and personalities to shine.

We bring our clients on a very exciting journey, presenting many creative style options, where each and every detail can be selected, from marquee structures, caterers, furnishings and designs. We in turn bring every detail to reality, in a tasteful and seamless manner, allowing our clients to enjoy every minute of this wedding planning time.

We have forged great relationships with the top marquee companies, who carry the largest range of high quality marquee solutions. Our styling teams will take your blank canvas and introduce beautiful fabrics, ambient lighting, exquitely designed tablescapes and furnishings to create your perfect setting.

Our ethos is simple; we work behind the scenes to ensure all the details of your wedding day are managed seamlessly, so you can enjoy the build up and all the excitement on your big day.


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