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Over the coming months, we will be sharing a glimpse of our magical world as we go behind the scenes and explore the infinite possibilities of the people and places we work with to make our events truly unique and one-of-a-kind experiences. We are so fortunate to work with such passionate, inspiring, and creative people in our world of events and we are delighted to share our journey of discovery with you as we speak to our friends from around the globe. Their unique vision and inspiring insights are a wonderful reminder of the masterful way they bring their work to life.

We begin this very special series with internationally renowned dress designer Reem Acra. A beautiful lady who we are so privileged to call our friend, and cares deeply about creating dreams for her clients, her eponymous bridal gown line and ready-to-wear collection combines tradition with a modern aesthetic. We have been so blessed to have worked with Reem in the past seeing first hand how she designs exquisite couture creations to give our clients the dress of their dreams.

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Steps to take when planning your dream destination wedding in Ireland

We are so lucky to live in a world of infinite possibilities. We can do anything we want to do and achieve everything we want to achieve. The key to transforming your dreams into reality is to take things one step at a time. Before you can reach the pinnacle of your vision, take a step back and really think about what you want your wedding to represent. If you have always dreamed of getting married in Ireland, embrace this. Celebrating a destination wedding is an incredible experience. Sharing the most special time of your life with your family and friends by your side is something you will always remember as you create unforgettable memories that you will treasure forever.

Destination Wedding Planner Advice

Expert advice for planning your dream destination wedding in Ireland

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding in Ireland? From the rugged beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way, to our enchanting medieval castles and everything in between, there is no better place than Ireland to tie the knot in truly magnificent style.

If getting married in Ireland is something you really want to do, go for it! Everything you can imagine can be real. Think of all of the amazing opportunities and endless possibilities that await you in the Emerald Isle. If you can dream it, you can do it!

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Ashford Castle , Irish Traditions, St Patricks Day, Ireland, Wedding Venues in Ireland, Getting Married in Ireland, Destination weddings Ireland, Destination Wedding Planner Ireland


Have your special celebrations to be postponed due to the Coronavirus?

Our relationship with the outside world, to each other, and to society, has changed. A paradigm shift like no other, the actions and effects of COVID-19 have magnified what we see, what we feel, and what we take for granted. Interestingly, some might say, it may be all for the greater good.

Now is our chance to master the art of slowing down and switching off from the relentless pace of everyday life. It is a time to be accountable and productive and to live within the boundaries that we will not let define us. A time to marvel at the wonder of what surrounds us and appreciate all that is good in our lives. Let us be at one with nature and acknowledge that everything is as it should be. Nature epitomises slow living. Everything moves and grows in its own time, and now so should we..

The greatest gift of Easter is hope

Easter decor, table setting, recipes and party inspiration

A symbol of hope, renewal and new life, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox. With even more hours of light in our day, we welcome the arrival of the sun with open arms.

As we embrace the challenge of a new way of living, we are slowly experiencing a fundamental shift in the way we live our lives. COVID-19 will teach us many things along the way, most notably it will show us that we can adapt and adjust to whatever measures are necessary to protect us from harm. We have come to value our friends and family with a new depth and understanding. It is also important to take time to reflect on all the positive aspects of the beauty and magic that surrounds us as we celebrate the arrival of a brand new season. Birds are singing, trees are budding and flowers are blooming. As morning breaks and light fills up the skies, our natural world’s most revered concert magically echoes the sound of silence.

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Ashford Castle , Irish Traditions, St Patricks Day, Ireland, Wedding Venues in Ireland, Getting Married in Ireland, Destination weddings Ireland, Destination Wedding Planner Ireland


Irish Wedding Traditions, choosing your wedding venue and the legal requirements

In light of St Patrick's day, a global celebration of Irish culture, we would like to place a spotlight on why Ireland is such an incredibly popular Wedding destination. With Irish diaspora all over the globe celebrating Irish cultures and symbolism on St Patrick’s day, it really is a wonderful testament to how our little island of Ireland is received so warmly across the globe.

As highly experienced Destination Wedding Planners in Ireland, we have had wonderful experiences in helping our clients across the globe bring their wishes to reality in celebrating their destination wedding.

We at Olivia Buckley International would like to share some great advice and tips on how to start planning your dream destination wedding in the beautiful Emerald Isle.

Luxury Wedding Venues in Ireland

A spotlight on 7 Luxury Wedding Venues in Ireland

We are so fortunate to have worked at many luxurious wedding venues and spectacular locations around the world. We wholeheartedly believe that Ireland is home to some of the most incredible luxury wedding venues in the world and are unparalleled when it comes to history, uniqueness and most importantly romance!

In light of Olivia Buckley Internationals very special 7th Birthday celebrations, we have put a spotlight on seven very special luxury wedding venues in Ireland, where we have had the pleasure of creating dream weddings and events for our wonderful clients.

Adare Manor Wedding, Wedding Chicks, Destination Weddings, Wedding venues in Ireland, Luxury Wedding Venues
Adare Manor Wedding , Wedding Chicks, Wedding Venues in Ireland, Getting Married in Ireland, Destination weddings Ireland

Getting Married in Ireland

A guide to Planning your dream destination wedding in Ireland

Are you considering getting married in Ireland? Home to beautiful countryside, rolling hills and a rugged, romantic wilderness found nowhere else on earth, it’s easy to see why getting married in Ireland is steadily becoming more and more popular. There is simply no other place in the world that can encompass so many different factors that come together to make your wedding truly magical.

Irish Castle Weddings

If you’ve always dreamed about having your wedding in an Irish Castle, you are not alone! There is something about our mystical landscape and traditions that lends seamlessly to romantic and magical weddings.

Destination Weddings, Irish Castle Weddings, Wedding Venues in Ireland, Destination Weddings Ireland
Wedding planning list, Wedding planner in Ireland, Event Planner in Ireland, Ashford Castle, Destination weddings Ireland

Wedding Planning List

A guide to planning your dream destination wedding in Ireland

Beginning the task of planning your dream wedding may seem daunting at first but we have created a list of important first steps to help get you started.

Wedding Venues in Ireland

How to choose your wedding venue or location in Ireland

Choosing a wedding venue in Ireland may seem like a daunting experience. From luxury 5 star properties to historic sites and old world castles to period manors, the choice can seem overwhelming!

Dromoland Castle, Irish Castle Weddings, Luxury Wedding Venues in Ireland, Destination Weddings Ireland
Famous Wedding Planners, Destination Weddings, Event planner in ireland, wedding planner in Ireland

Famous Wedding Planners

When it comes to wedding planning, sometimes only the best will do. The list of famous wedding planners across the globe is endless. The Knot recently featured Wedding Advice From Global Wedding planners and we were delighted to be asked to contribute. Read more below on the importance of choosing the right wedding planner for you and our top five famous wedding planners in the industry.

A Dream Destination Wedding in Ireland

We are delighted to be able to share this very special Olivia Buckley International wedding at Adare Manor that was recently featured on Wedding Chicks. We asked our wonderful clients Jennifer and James to sum up their experience of their dream destination wedding in Ireland.

Adare Manor Wedding featured on Wedding Chicks
Chinese Tea Ceremony

East meets West - Why Chinese couples are choosing Ireland for their dream destination wedding

Ireland is quickly becoming a premier destination wedding location for the Chinese market. We take a look at why Ireland is a dream destination for couples who wish to merge ancient Chinese rituals with traditional Irish practices for their wedding day.

The Lure of Irish Castle Weddings

With Ireland home to beautiful countryside, with rolling hills and a rugged, romantic wilderness found nowhere else on earth, as well as countless European honeymoon destinations on the doorstep, it’s easy to see why Irish Castle Weddings remain among the most sought after wedding venues in the world.

Ashford castle Ireland
Destination Weddings Ireland

Destination Weddings Ireland

We have been so fortunate to work with incredibly beautiful couples over the years; couples who have gone on to become life-long friends of ours. Juliana and Ryan are such a couple and we are delighted to be able to share their thoughts about their fairytale wedding at Ashford Castle in Ireland. It was such a privilege to create this stunning experience for these two very special people.

Reflection & Retrospect - The Royal Wedding

In light of the Royal Wedding and Harry & Meghan fever grips the world ahead of the biggest wedding spectacle of 2018, Olivia writes about how essential it is for the Bride and Groom to find their private moments within the whirlwind that is a wedding in the public eye. Photography credits: Alexi Lubomirski

Royal wedding
Destination weddings Ireland


It was our great honour to host a very special Irish Welcome Dinner at Dromoland Castle for our Industry Colleagues and Friends who travelled to Ireland recently. We designed a taste of Ireland for guests to savour and left them with lasting memories of our beautiful country and traditions.


In honour of "National Women's Enterprise Day", Voltedge Management celebrated six Irish female executives, each of whom have achieved outstanding accomplishments in their area of expertise. They asked Olivia to share some insights on her experiences and how she draws inspiration from the environment around her, role models she has had during her career and what she sees as the biggest challenge facing leaders today.

Destination Weddings Ireland
Destination Weddings Ireland

The Irish Examiner

Olivia Buckley was delighted to talk with Pádraig Hoare of The Irish Examiner about the re-brand to Olivia Buckley International and what that says about her plans for future growth.  

Sunday Independent Newspaper

February 2018 - It was wonderful to be featured in Ergo by Samantha McCaughren, Business Editor for The Sunday Independent, about the growth of Olivia Buckley International and the delights of Ashford Castle.

Luxury Event Planner in Ireland
Wedding Planner in Ireland

Behind the Scenes at our OBI 5th Birthday Photoshoot

After a whirlwind of a year, we decided to celebrate the 5th Birthday of Olivia Buckley International in style - click through for your backstage pass to our glamorous team photoshoot at Bond Street Studios in Dublin! 

The Sunday Business Post

Olivia Buckley International were delighted to be included in "Ireland's Blossoming Tycoons" in the Sunday Business Post recently. Click to read the full article! 

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Destination Weddings Ireland

Wedding Planning advice in RSVP Magazine

RSVP Magazine asked Olivia Buckley for some top tips to guide the bride and groom as they plan their very special day. From tying down key suppliers, booking a venue, choosing a dream wedding dress, to colour schemes and the finer details, we have the only wedding checklist you will need!

Fate, Destiny and Pursuing your dreams

After an incredible 2017 for us at Olivia Buckley International and as we embark on an exciting year ahead, I feel overwhelming gratitude for the wonderful experiences that we have had. I took some time to reflect on what it is that drives my business ambition and love for what I do.

Destination Weddings Ireland

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