Olivia Buckley International celebrates their latest milestone & the invigorating possibilities that come with the new season in the luxury event industry.

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Each spring welcomes new possibilities, endless opportunities, riveting awakenings and the anniversary of Olivia Buckley International. As we revel in the dawn of a new season, our celebration extends to the ninth and most defining year of our luxury event company so far.

Olivia Buckley International, in the depth of restrictions, found great freedom. Freedom to look inward as well as forward. Olivia made the decision to propel her company further than ever before. To achieve this, she began to examine every element of her international event business and curated a strategy to accomplish her dreams of leading the global events industry.

Ashford Castle, Wedding Venues in Ireland, Getting married in Ireland, Event Planner in Ireland, Destination Weddings Ireland

Although the past two years have been tumultuous and difficult to navigate within the wedding and event industry, I feel it’s important to look at the positive outcomes that developed during this time. I feel reinvigorated after being allowed time to stop, reflect, and refocus.

Olivia Buckley


It is an incredibly exciting time for Olivia Buckley International. As the hospitality industry reopens, we too begin a new chapter, unveiling new assets that we’ve been working on silently for the past eighteen months. This year, we will see the introduction of innovative technologies that will connect us seamlessly with our clients all around the world, extending our exceptional, renowned service even further. Our digital processes will be one of the most sophisticated in the events industry. The restructure of our procedures has put us in a stronger, more time-efficient position, where we can invite clients from all different timezones to experience our wonderful world of creativity.

Standing still would have been a luxury in the past, but it was brought to the fore as a necessity during the pandemic. This moment of reflection allowed us to review our in-house systems, and develop a strategic plan to bounce back stronger than ever. It allowed us to work silently behind-the-scenes and build upon our incredible portfolio of prestigious venues, incredible clients, and superior vendors. After spending time polishing our current procedures and adopting a more streamlined, lean approach to our services, we are now ready to take on the world. We feel incredibly empowered after spending our time wisely to refine our creative powers.

Olivia Buckley


Olivia began her quest to create Ireland’s most renowned wedding and event planner nine years ago and championed independently. For the first four years, Olivia managed every aspect of the business, from initial concept to on-the-day execution. With vision, creativity and mastery of events, her brand catapulted to the forefront of the luxury events arena. As Olivia’s exemplary portfolio and coveted client list strengthened, her vision to expand her company became a reality. In the past six months, Olivia has conducted the largest expansion of her team to date, welcoming national and international talent. Her family of event experts have been hand-picked from the highest calibre throughout the luxury industry.

As part of our launch back to reality, our focus was on discovering new creative talent to join our expanding team and to help bring our business to new heights, striving for greatness every step of the way. 2022 looks inspiring from where we stand, and full of potential.

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As OBI counts down to the tenth anniversary, a bud of hope springs from the winter of the pandemic. While the hospitality and event industry glided on uneasy water, our pursuits took place beneath the surface. Olivia Buckley International is now ready to take flight to new, extraordinary heights.

We step into our ninth year in business with exceptional insight and focus, coming back stronger than ever, manifesting our dreams, and ready for our visions to unfold. We believe in the magic of new beginnings, and have found inspiration while the world became still. After a period of darkness, we can now see the light and it looks very bright!

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