Olivia Buckley International have over sixteen years extensive experience working within the luxury wedding and events industry nationally & internationally. Managing Director Olivia Buckley, leads her creative and production teams in designing beautiful bespoke events that stimulate the senses and leave guests in awe.

As the leading special event designers in Ireland, Olivia Buckley International pride ourselves on our renowned professionalism, creativity, discretion and transparency with our clients. We work behind the scenes to ensure all details are managed seamlessly, so that our clients can enjoy every detail as their event unfolds. We understand the importance of you and your guests privacy, therefore, we have secure and proven procedures in place to ensure your privacy is protected at all times. Our company work on a select number of events per year and in doing so, it allows us to give our clients the dedication and commitment that is required to create an unforgettable, bespoke experience.


We bring our Innovation, Creativity and Vision to you to create unforgettable experiences. We understand the importance of tailoring extraordinary and unique experiences for our International Clientele and have the skilled teams required to bring your event to reality.


Discretion and confidentiality are synonymous with Olivia Buckley International and is why we have become the go-to Event Planning Company for creating private, spectacular, one-of-a-kind experiences both Nationally and Internationally.


We are a female led, female owned company, growing at an astonishing rate and smashing glass ceilings one event at a time.


We have been fortunate and blessed to work in the most renowned castles and manors in the world. The fantastic rapport and trusted relationships we have built with these properties is a valuable advantage to our clients.


We take your personality and style to design truly unforgettable spectacles, combining the art of fine cuisine, chic entertainment and couture design. Everything is possible at Olivia Buckley International.


We have the sensitivity and respect to embellish old world classic settings and the know-how to explore the potential within each property, making it truly personal to our clients.


We choose to work on a select number of special events each year and by doing this we can focus on all aspects of our clients’ needs and consistently provide an individually tailored, uniquely personal service.


"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the most spectacular wedding. Thank you also for your endless emotional support, patience and your flexibility during the planning- working across the time zones is never easy and you handled it brilliantly. " - Alex and Greg


"We are a young and dynamic team with a genuine desire to surpass our clients’ expectations time and time again. We embrace the opportunity to work on both large scale and intimate productions both Nationally and Internationally.


"I was looking for both a friend and a professional who would listen to my ideas and really care for us. Olivia has always been so supportive; she has negotiated on our behalf, shared her amazing ideas, and given me guidance and support. Her work is trustworthy, transparent, and detail oriented." - Slgi Choi


“Olivia and her team are quite simply the best in their field, delivering spectacular, breathtaking events both here and around the world. Their exceptional standards and extraordinary attention to detail are unparalleled in the industry”. – Mr. Niall Rochford, Ashford Castle, Ireland.


We work with our clients virtually across many different times zones. Communication is so integral to us when planning a destination event, therefore, we show great flexibility to allow communication to always be at the fore.


Cultivating special relationships with venues and suppliers in Ireland and all over the world is essential to how we operate at Olivia Buckley International. These special relationships are why we continue to work with top clientele and excel in the elite event world.


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