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Life is a party and we at Olivia Buckley International expertly design and deliver spectacular, luxury parties across Ireland and Europe. From executive-level company celebrations to personal milestones that deserve a fabulous bash - we commit to creating a truly immersive environment. Our depth of industry knowledge and partner relationships means you will have access to the very best, at all times. Combined with our comprehensive planning approach, every aesthetic, experiential and logistical detail will be considered and managed with care. Proud of our international reputation as Ireland's best party planner, we create exclusive parties and deliver first-class service with perfection and discretion. Our unique ability to adapt in the ever-changing world of events allows us to continue to reimagine the benchmarks of our creative industry. Let us create a masterful, fresh and impactful experience just for you.

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Elevate your celebration with our refined approach, where every detail is a masterpiece in the making.

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Welcome to our world of creative diversity with exceptional event design, offering personalised experiences.

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Luxury Concierge

In the realm of unparalleled guest experiences, discover our Luxury Concierge devoted to crafting extraordinary moments. 

Olivia Buckley International

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Your Experience

At Olivia Buckley International, we understand that planning a special celebration can be a complex task, especially when faced with busy schedules or the intricacies of organising a grand-scale event. With over four decades of combined experience, we possess the expertise and global reach to turn your envisioned event into a spectacular reality, no matter how grand your vision.

Bespoke ExperIential Parties

Indulge in the realm of experiential parties, where you and your guests become part of a world meticulously crafted from your unique vision. While you may envision a theme, we elevate it to an entirely immersive reality, where every detail is thoughtfully attended to, allowing the everyday world to disappear, leaving only the captivating world you have imagined in its place.


With an unparalleled reputation in the industry, we hold exclusive connections with elite vendors. From world-renowned chefs to legendary live performers, our enviable black book of contacts ensures that your event receives nothing but the finest in every aspect. When you choose us, you gain access to a prestigious network that sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration.


Our team of event specialists meticulously transform your private celebration into a reality within the comforts of your own home. With a discreet and unequivocal approach, we breathe life into your event, then leave your home in impeccable condition, without a thread out of place.

Unparalleled Guest Experience

Your guests are not just invited to a party; they are invited to partake in an experience that extends beyond the main event. Our Luxury Concierge expertly choreograph an immersive journey, utilising contacts, insider knowledge and a dedication to luxury, ensuring every aspect exceeds expectations. From the moment your guests receive their invitation, they are under our care, ushering in a seamless experience that anticipates and fulfils their every desire.

Strategic pLANNING Approach

Leveraging decades of expertise in both business and event production, Olivia Buckley International has developed a renowned strategic approach to deliver exceptional events. Our thorough planning guarantees that every facet of your party receives meticulous attention, resulting in a smooth, dependable, and stress-free experience personalised exclusively for you. 

Before After

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Discover the art of selecting exceptional private celebration venues that resonate with your unique style and vision. Our expert team curates unparalleled experiences, ranging from exclusive estates to opulent spaces, ensuring your event is a true reflection of your preferences. Whether you choose an extraordinary property or the comforts of home, we make your celebration truly remarkable.


As you navigate a life filled with endless commitments, our mission is to unravel the complexities, allowing you to dream big, then bigger. Our meticulous approach is a seamless dance between relieving the weight of meticulous planning and empowering your visionary spirit. You, the orchestrator of decisions, while we, the artisans of intricacies, craft a tapestry that exudes calm and confidence.

Privacy & Discretion

Confidentiality is our sacred vow, woven into every fibre of our meticulously orchestrated events. With a pedigree in safeguarding high-profile celebrations, our stringent security measures ensure your wedding remains an exclusive sanctuary, shielded from prying eyes. Our team and trusted vendors are bound by non-disclosure agreements, upholding a fortress of discretion. Relax and revel in the company of your nearest and dearest, knowing that your privacy is our paramount artistry.


  • Olivia is Kerry charm and wit and Swiss watch precision wrapped in Paris catwalk style and panache. Her discretion, unrivalled standards of excellence and personal attention that she gives to each event - ably backed up by the service delivered by the impressive team that she has assembled is no doubt the reason why there is a growing International demand for Olivia's talents.
    Marie Chawke
    Dromoland Castle
  • Olivia and her team are quite simply the best in their field, delivering spectacular, breathtaking weddings and events both here and around the world. Their ethos, core values, exceptional standards and extraordinary attention to detail are unparalleled in the industry. We have worked with Olivia and her team for many years and look forward to continuing our fantastic relationship in the future.
    Niall Rochford
    General Manager, Ashford Castle
  • There is little doubt that we had the very best that Ireland and Europe had to offer. Dealing with extreme tides, guests from USA and France, and planning for bad weather would have been impossible for most planners. In my professional life spanning 40 years, I've seen and been to a large number of events. None could match what you achieved.
    Molly & Nick Booth
  • I had the pleasant experience of engaging Olivia Buckley International for a very high-profile client incentive program in Dublin. Their expertise elevated the evening events to levels that were the absolute highlight and most talked about part of the trip. Their eye for design and decor took evening events to the next level and made this year’s trip the one that all will be compared to.
    Roger Biede
    The Performance Group, United States
  • They took a complex remit, which included the best of both Indian and Irish matrimonial traditions, and fused it all together in a seamless and dazzling array of spectacular productions. From their impeccable organization which alleviated so much of our stresses and anxiety, to their boundless creativity and a flair for the romantic, we honestly cannot recommend Olivia and the OBI team highly enough.
    Tania & Robbie Greenfield
    Destination Wedding
  • Olivia Buckley and her team were given a brief to transform our warehouses into impressive event spaces over a weekend. To say, that our warehouses were unrecognisable is an understatement. We loved that branding and our company ethics were always of the utmost importance to them and they worked tirelessly to ensure they delivered what we wanted and more.
    Tina McGee
    AbbVie Laboratories

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We limit our services to a very exclusive number each year, to ensure we can dedicate the time your celebration deserves.