Ashford Castle: The Quintessential Destination for an Irish Castle Wedding


Behold Ashford Castle—an unrivalled masterpiece where history and romance intertwine, weaving a timeless tapestry of legendary love stories and extravagant celebrations spanning almost a millennium. This legendary castle proudly stands as Ireland's first Forbes five-star hotel, adorned with countless awards, including the coveted top position within the Five Best Hotel Resorts in the UK & Ireland, as bestowed by Travel & Leisure.

 Ashford Castle's true magic transcends its resplendent aesthetics, as its the irresistible Irish charm of its people that sweeps guests off their feet the moment they arrive. A family of passionate souls, united in their pursuit of unparalleled hospitality, extends their warm embrace to envelop every visitor in a cocoon of genuine affection.

As you walk through its vast grounds and explore its opulent spaces, the possibilities unfurl like a tapestry of dreams, offering intimate corners for secret vows and grand halls for epic festivities that command awe.

In the realm of destination wedding venues, Ashford Castle reigns supreme, leaving you and your guests utterly overwhelmed with awe and wonder, painting the canvas of your love story in strokes of brilliance. Join us, with Olivia Buckley International, Ireland's top destination wedding planner, as we embark on a journey to discover the irresistible allure of weddings at Ashford Castle.


Prepare to be mesmerised as you step into Ashford Castle's extraordinary world of opulence and elegance, where every room is a masterpiece of individuality. Each room is lovingly designed, inspired by a unique piece of art that sets the tone and theme for the entire space. Meticulous attention to detail adorns every corner, with fabrics, furniture, and carpets carefully chosen to reflect and complement the artistic inspiration. As you wander through the castle's grand halls, you will encounter a diverse array of rooms, each a delightful surprise, offering a personalised experience that captures the essence of the art that inspired it.

Ashford Castle underwent an extensive review for two years, meticulously examining every aspect to ensure the 800-year-old stronghold would stand resolute for centuries to come. The refurbishment concluded in 2015 with an outstanding level of craftsmanship. From the plumbing to the roof, no detail was overlooked, as the castle was lovingly restored and strengthened, marrying its historic charm with modern resilience. The careful restoration not only preserved the castle's architectural grandeur but also fortified its foundation, ensuring that it remains an enduring symbol of beauty and history for the next generations to cherish.

Stepping into Ashford Castle is like delving into the pages of history. The old photographs capturing Oscar Wilde at tea, Lady Ardilaun's watercolour paintings of the gardens in her sketchbook, and the letter from King George V thanking his host for a warm and welcoming hunting trip all contribute to the living, breathing history that envelops the estate.

Ashford Castle is not merely a hotel experience; it is a culture experience, a rare opportunity to immerse oneself in a world of rich heritage and royal encounters. As you explore the estate and bask in its splendour, the sense of history and culture becomes palpable, leaving an indelible mark on your soul. Prepare to embark on a wedding journey unlike any other, where Ashford Castle fulfils your dreams with unparalleled enchantment and an unforgettable cultural immersion.

Ashford Castle has served as a cherished sanctuary for a multitude of celebrities and esteemed public figures. Among its distinguished guests are former US President Ronald Reagan and Princess Grace of Monaco. Additionally, this iconic establishment has provided the captivating backdrop for weddings, including those of Rory McIlroy and Pierce Brosnan.


Nestled in the picturesque village of Cong in County Mayo, Ashford Castle is a haven of luxury and exclusivity. For seamless travel, airports such as Dublin Airport, Ireland West Airport Knock and Shannon Airport cater to your arrival by private plane and commercial flights. To elevate your experience, Ashford Castle boasts a private helicopter pad, offering breath-taking aerial transfers.

With our network of skilled chauffeurs and private drivers, we arrange bespoke transportation, ensuring each moment is unforgettable. From efficient transfers to explorative adventures, your journey to Ashford Castle becomes an indulgent adventure. Prepare to be whisked away in style and immerse yourself in the epitome of refined elegance.

Planning Your Wedding at Ashford Castle

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Irish castle weddings at Ashford Castle, where timeless romance and exquisite luxury converge. As a premier wedding planner in Ireland, we are delighted to guide you through every step of planning your dream wedding.

From the majestic ceremony locations to the bespoke details inspired by the rich heritage of Ireland, we ensure your special day reflects your unique love story. Discover the epitome of elegance and let us weave the magic of Ashford Castle into your unforgettable wedding in the heart of Ireland.

Distinguishing itself from conventional venues, Ashford Castle redefines the wedding experience. While typical locations confine weddings to designated ballrooms, Ashford Castle breaks free from tradition. With exclusive hire of the property, weddings at the castle transcend boundaries, enveloping the entire estate. This exceptional approach guarantees an uninterrupted immersion in the castle's grandeur, crafting cherished memories within its regal embrace.

For a more intimate gathering, Ashford Castle presents the option to host weddings for guest counts ranging from 10 to 40, curating a personalised and extraordinary experience for both you and your cherished guests.

Wedding Ceremony

At Ashford Castle, your wedding ceremony unfolds in a realm of timeless elegance and natural splendour. With meticulous attention to detail, our team ensures that your love story is celebrated amidst breath-taking settings within the estate.

Exchange vows within the castle's opulent interiors, where history whispers through every stone. Or venture to the lakeside, where the tranquil waters provide a serene backdrop to your union. For nature enthusiasts, forest settings offer a whimsical ambiance, while the Boardwalk and Walled Garden showcase meticulously manicured spaces. With the support of seamless coordination and a discerning eye for identifying unique opportunities, Ashford Castle transforms into a sanctuary where your love takes centre stage. Say "I do" in a setting that transcends imagination and creates memories to last a lifetime.



Indulge in a feast of culinary excellence and immerse yourself in Ashford Castle's refined ambience. With a selection of enchanting dining spaces, your celebration will be a gastronomic journey like no other. The intimate Connaught Room sets the stage for an intimate affair, while the refined George V exudes timeless charm. A dedicated brigade of chefs curates a menu reflecting couples' heritage and style, crafting culinary artworks from local ingredients. Traditional flavors blend with contemporary twists, creating a symphony of tastes that resonate with the occasion. Each dish is a tribute to tradition and innovation, where the passion of the chefs and the castle's magic combine to form cherished, lasting impression.

The Connaught Room, a perfect choice for intimate weddings, welcomes wedding parties of 10 to 40 guests. With its stunning floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing picturesque views of the Castle's manicured gardens and the magnificent Lough Corrib, the room offers a magical setting for a small and intimate celebration. Adorned with an inspiring Donegal Crystal chandelier, panelled oak walls, and a hand-carved fireplace, the Connaught Room creates a warm and captivating ambiance that makes it an idyllic venue for your cherished wedding moments.

 The George V dining room at Ashford Castle is an esteemed and regal space for your wedding breakfast, offering an exclusive and distinguished setting. Honouring the Prince of Wales' visit in 1905, this special dining room boasts rich, panelled walls adorned with intricate woodwork and Waterford Crystal chandeliers, creating a warm and inviting ambiance with a touch of grandeur. Under the culinary expertise of Chef Liam Finnegan, guests can savour a fine dining experience, indulging in excellent produce and perfectly executed plates that reflect the estate's culinary prowess. The dining room's plush seating and ornate furnishings enhance the overall sense of opulence, providing the perfect backdrop for an extraordinary wedding celebration that pays tribute to the castle's storied history and regal heritage.

For a truly unique experience, explore the option of a custom-built banquet within the castle's walls or the stunning outdoor areas. Let the award-winning chefs curate a menu that tantalizes the taste buds, elevating your dining experience to a symphony of flavours. Prepare to be enchanted as Ashford Castle weaves an unforgettable dining experience into the tapestry of your wedding day.


Wedding Parties

Step into a world of legendary parties and embrace the spirit of celebration at Ashford Castle. From the historic gatherings hosted by the iconic Guinness family to the opulent soirées with aristocrats and royals, the castle has a rich heritage of unforgettable wedding parties. Building on this legacy, our philosophy is to elevate the experience to new heights. Feel the momentum and curiosity build throughout the evening as you revel in the magic of Ashford Castle.

Choose to host your wedding party within the castle's storied walls, where secrets are kept and memories are made. Immerse yourself in the timeless charm and let the castle's grandeur set the stage for an extraordinary celebration that echoes through the ages.

Alternatively, embrace the incredible grounds of Ashford Castle and design a bespoke party space that reflects your unique personality and style. With state-of-the-art builds and meticulous attention to detail, create a captivating ambiance that invites your guests into a world designed custom for you.

The experienced team at Olivia Buckley International will provide expert coordination and ensure that every detail is meticulously executed. Let the remarkable spaces and natural beauty of Ashford Castle serve as the perfect setting for a truly memorable wedding celebration.



Ashford Castle, the possibilities for additional events are as vast as the estate itself, offering an unrivalled multi-day celebration experience. With acres of picturesque landscapes to explore, each day presents an opportunity for new and exciting adventures. Discover the authentic charm of Cullen's at the Cottage, an intimate pub nestled within the castle's grounds, perfect for a welcome party or day-after celebration. Uncover the hidden passages beneath the castle, transformed into a captivating wine cellar, ideal for an intimate drinks reception or rehearsal dinner. For nature enthusiasts, lakeside and forest settings provide the backdrop for a bespoke event that immerses you in the beauty of the surroundings.

Our deep knowledge of Irish showmanship and extensive network bring the secluded part of Ireland to life with authentic experiences. From the serenading sounds of iconic Irish musicians to the mesmerising rhythms of Riverdance, we curate awe-inspiring performances that capture the soul of Ireland.

But our entertainment expertise knows no bounds – with access to the most exclusive and in-demand performers globally, we elevate your celebration to new heights. Prepare to be captivated as we weave together the best of Irish talent and internationally acclaimed acts, creating an atmosphere of celebration and wonder that will leave your guests spellbound. At Olivia Buckley International, we turn entertainment into an unforgettable tapestry of moments that celebrate both the local traditions and the global allure.



In the realm of intimate weddings, Ashford Castle reigns supreme. This iconic venue offers an opportunity for intimate celebrations with a guest list of between 10 to 40. Step into the Connaught Room at Ashford Castle, where timeless elegance meets intimate luxury for your unforgettable wedding banquet.

Ashford Castle offers a plethora of stunning spaces for every element of your event. From distinct areas for welcome parties and drinks receptions to late-night revelry across its expansive grounds, your guests will be treated to a truly immersive experience.

Our unrivalled knowledge of Ashford Castle means that no dream is too big or detail too intricate. We have a proven track record of creating incredible experiences, ensuring that your wedding celebration surpasses all expectations. 



Exclusivity & Privacy

Experience a world of exclusivity and privacy at Ashford Castle, where your wedding celebration becomes a cherished secret shared only with your nearest and dearest. At Olivia Buckley International, we understand the importance of creating an intimate atmosphere that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the magic of your special day. From the moment you step foot within the castle's walls, you will feel a sense of seclusion, surrounded by the tranquillity of the lush Irish countryside.

Our team of expert planners will work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of your wedding is handled with the utmost discretion and care. We deliver a truly exclusive experience tailored to your desires. Indulge in the luxury of having the castle's breath-taking grounds and magnificent venues reserved exclusively for your celebration, ensuring that every moment is filled with intimacy and enchantment.

Trust Olivia Buckley International to curate a wedding experience that epitomises exclusivity and privacy, where you and your loved ones can revel in the joy of your union in complete seclusion.



Within the expansive 350-acre Ashford Estate lies a realm of experiences that unites time-honoured traditions with contemporary pursuits. This estate's history as a cherished playground for families like the de Burgo, Bingham, Browne, and Guinness, has grown across generations, cultivating an allure that continues to captivate. Amid this rich legacy, an eclectic tapestry of extraordinary activities caters to every inclination.

For wedding parties, the opportunities are boundless. Embrace the activities throughout the celebration, crafting captivating itineraries that guests can enjoy. From classic pastimes like horse riding, fishing, falconry, and shooting—each steeped in heritage—to modern leisure pursuits like golf, cycling, and kayaking, the estate provides a canvas for unforgettable experiences.

Guests can navigate pristine waters through boating and kayaking, discover the ancient art of falconry, or cast lines for exhilarating catches. Golf amidst stunning landscapes, engage in tennis matches beneath the Irish sky, and embark on equestrian adventures that reveal the estate's hidden beauty. Challenge and camaraderie converge in activities like clay shooting and archery, infusing your stay with spirited competition.

The Ashford Estate isn't merely a backdrop; it is an interactive invitation to infuse your celebration with shared experiences. By curating captivating itineraries, wedding parties can lead their guests on an immersive journey that marries tradition and modernity. As you revel in the joy of your event, the estate's diverse activities remain ready to enrich every moment.


Wedding Planner Insights into Ashford Castle

Authentic & Historical

Ashford Castle is the epitome of an authentic Irish castle wedding venue. Centuries of history and romance ooze from every stone. This is a place that has seen legendary love stories and extravagant celebrations over almost a millennium. It is more than a wedding venue. It is a time machine that transports you to a world of elegance and enchantment

Soul of the Property

Ashford Castle exudes a warm embrace from the moment you arrive, representing the pinnacle of Irish hospitality at its finest. From the top-down, their unwavering commitment to guest experience and impeccable service sets a new standard. Our shared values create an unrivalled partnership, ensuring that your wedding at Ashford Castle is an elevated affair, where every detail is attended to with the utmost care.

Boundless Opportunities

The scale of the property unlocks a multitude of event experiences. From intimate gatherings in hidden corners to grand celebrations in opulent spaces, this majestic estate offers endless possibilities to curate a wedding that transcends expectations. With its vast grounds, picturesque landscapes, and versatile venues, Ashford Castle invites you to dream big and create a truly unforgettable celebration.


Originally built in the 13th century as a defensive stronghold, this remarkable castle has witnessed royal visits, noble weddings, and timeless love stories.

With its ties to the illustrious Guinness family, Ashford Castle carries a legacy of grandeur and elegance that continues to enchant couples as they embark on their own love story. As you exchange vows within its ancient walls, you become part of a cherished lineage, where love and celebration intertwine, creating memories that will be treasured for generations to come.

Overview of Ashford Castle

Location | Cong, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Established | Originally built in 1228

Rating | Renowned five-star elegance

Rooms | 83 appointed luxury guest rooms

Capacity | Intimate Gatherings - 40 guests | Exclusive - 150 guests

Ceremony | Castle Interior, Castle Grounds, Local Churches 

Banquet Options | The Connaught Room, George V Dining Room, Custom Built Marquee on Castle Grounds

Additional Event Areas | Cullen's at the Cottage, The Wine Cellar, The Dungeon, The Billiard's Room, Castle Grounds

Activities | Golf, Falconry, Archery, Kayaking, Horse Riding, Cycling, Lake Cruise

How to Reserve Your Wedding at Ashford Castle

Booking your dream wedding at Ashford Castle is a journey of luxury and bespoke experiences. As your trusted wedding planners, we are committed to ensuring every detail of your unique celebration is captured. Exploring the venue's hidden gems and well-kept secrets, our team will guide you through every step. We would be delighted to visit the venue with you, unveiling the possibilities and showcasing our expertise. For more information, please reach out to our dedicated team. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary wedding experience that surpasses your wildest dreams at the enchanting Ashford Castle.


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